Project Description:
Located in the center of a complex highway infrasture this empty land or “residual” plot can be utilizad to incorporate a modern, efficient and highty usable space, while enviromentally blending into the landscape. The Plot is hardly tested by its surrounding limits. The central area of the complex with its various connections to the outlying boiling points; such as parks, commercial zones, towns and the small airport of Cuatro Vientos. Its condition implies the total lack of references in its core, therefore, it will be necessary to interpret the boundary conditions, processing a degradation to the central points of the territory. Thus, the flux produced in its limits causes an energy that creates a possible deformation of the ground in response to these forces. Accordingly, we can find new items in the territory where the response has been more intense. These items will join together in lines that have different qualities depending on the tension between them. In this way it will form new points in the major junctions, forming a continuous system that transforms according to different situations. The focus of the coming together is located in the central part of the territory, since this is the area of the system that receives the most number of influential lines.
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