Design Team:
Manuel Jiménez García, Roberto García Vélez, Maria Olmos Zúnica, Antonio Guijarro, Juan Rodriguez Martín, Jose Luis E. Penelas
Alejandro Martínez de Velasco, Maria Cristina Rodrigo Salazar , Aly Magdy Mohamed Fouad, Maciá Jorge Cerdá Inglés, Maria Olmeda Franco, Miguel Angel Jiménez García, Álvaro López Rodríguez, Ignacio Viguera Ochoa, Jose Real Cambas, Jesús Jordi Velasco Mancho, Vicente Sánchez Seoane, Luis Benito Alonso, Kawtar Sayegrih, Maria Andrea Diaz Usme, Ralph Gebara, Rojda Can, Jie Chen
Actíu, Philips, COAM – LaSede, British Embassy Madrid, Volumaniac
Project Description:
The construction of the trans-computational pavilion took place during the AAVSMadrid 2013. The prototype aims to examine methods where computational techniques coupled with the use of flexible materials make possible the creation of affordable inhabitable spaces, making use of rapid deployment to facilitate spacial re-adaptation in response to social necessities in an incredible short time-frame. 
In a larger term it will establish the basic principles for a rapid reoccupation system, offering not only basic and temporal spaces but also permanent and fully equipped structures.
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