Developed by a team of architects led by Knut Brunier, Benjamin Dillenburger, Gilles Retsin and Manuel Jimenez-Garcia, these series of computer generated drawings are entirely composed of a 3D-Model of a Walt-Disney style castle, which has been sequentially mirrored, rotated and intersected over many iterations, while maintaining a 3D printable geometry. 

Starting with a simple mesh figure, the application builds upon the original geometry through iterative cloning and mirroring, adjusting the position and rotation of each consequent piece. As an additive process, the generated form is a collage that retains small details from the original, yet it is a unique spatial composition.

The Hackaton was an initiative curated by Jose Sanchez, during Acadia 2014: Design Agency, held at the University of South-California (USC) in Los Angeles. 

Knut Brunier, Benjamin Dillenburger, Gilles Retsin, Manuel Jimenez-Garcia with Burcin Nalinci, Curime Batliner, Emmanuel Osorno and Katarina Richter.
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